All the Thanks

It’s been over two months since my last blog post, so I do have to apologize. The days that once strolled along have been fast tracked to what I’m now realizing is the depths of the holiday season. The countdown for Christmas in the Philippines has been ticking away since September with recent additions of […]

The Unexpected

As fast as the moment came for me to board the plane to the Philippines, it has doubled back around to signal thirteen months and the official halfway point of my Peace Corps plunge. It is difficult to piece apart the time that has passed as so much has changed. A few more sun freckles, […]

Market Day

I spy with my little eye… If elementary-year-old Katie stumbled upon a Filipine market, she surely would have whipped out the game that occupied hours of my childhood. Taking a closer regard for the colors surrounding me never failed to add entertainment to a long car ride or a queued appointment. There would be no […]